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A 10-year veteran of the New York Police Department is suing after being fired for refusing to shave his beard.
Employers are required to take reasonable steps to stop comments that are particularly offensive. That doesn’t automatically mean you have to fire an offensive employee. You can discipline instead and hope that fixes the problem.
California employers must comply with both federal and state wage-and-hour laws.
The list includes terms such as “androgynous,” “gender bender,” “gender gifted,” “third sex” and “pangender.”
Bad news for employers that hope arbitration agreements might limit the cost and time required to resolve employment disputes.
43% of employers now use paid time-off banks
Older workers are flooding the workforce and they just might be your next great hire.
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has filed suit against Domino’s Pizza affiliates and three franchisees, alleging widespread violations of state wage-and-hour laws.
If you ever have to consider cutting staff via a reduction in force, be sure to consider who among your employees might feel aggrieved enough to cause big legal trouble.
According to a National Retail Federation survey, retail employers caught 80,366 employees stealing in 2014, a figure representing one out of every 38 employees.
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