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Employers have to reasonably accommodate their employees’ religious beliefs and practices. But what if the worker happens to be an atheist?
You can’t refuse to hire someone just because they previously sued you for disability discrimination. Saying so up-front just about guarantees that you will be sued.
Every business is covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act, right? Wrong!
It’s the workplace equivalent of, “It wasn’t me, it was you.”
The ADA protects disabled applicants and employees from discrimination based on disability and requires employers to reasonably accommodate known disabilities.
Public employers have a special Constitutional responsibility that private-sector employers don’t have.
Technology and new ways of doing things sometimes clash with old laws and regulations. Take, for example, the Fair Labor Standards Act rules on who is an exempt employee.
You don’t have to be sued to lose an FMLA case.
Have some of your employees been promoted without getting raises? That could be dangerous if those workers can show that other employees outside their protected class did get higher pay.
Seeking to make it easier for employees to understand their health insurance benefits, the Obama administration has proposed a new  summary of  benefits and coverage (SBC) that employers could be required to begin using in 2017.
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