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Commission has secured more than $4.7 million in settlements since March 7.
An isolated, offensive comment usually isn’t enough to support a lawsuit, even if it was uttered by a supervisor and was seriously offensive.
Government employees, educators and nonprofit workers are far more likely to have experienced workplace training in the last year.
Workplace romances can be distracting, but cavorting co-workers doesn’t always add up to sexual harassment or sex discrimination against other employees.
Crafting a short job ad is easy. Right? But a few poorly chosen words could spark a discrimination claim. For example, see if you can spot the problems in the following ad.
A company has been ordered to rehire workers fired for profane notes.
Here’s something to consider when handling an FMLA request: If you botch the request, you could be held personally liable for any damages.
The U.S. Senate observed Equal Pay Day, April 12, by declining to advance two bills that would have expanded the Equal Pay Act (EPA) and protected employees who discuss pay.
Here are some of the highlights from the OSHA head's chat with the oil and gas servicing industry.
If an employee continually makes unsubstantiated racism charges, you can and should discipline them.
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