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Recently, lawyers representing former employees have been pushing the envelope in thinking of new ways to make employers pay big bucks. Fortunately, courts aren’t accepting some novel arguments, like the one in the following case.
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When an employee complains about sexual harassment, how you handle it makes a big difference. If you ignore the complaint—or worse, blame the victim and punish her—you’re risking a laundry list of claims under federal and state laws.
Want to know what really makes an applicant tick? Try asking something outside the norm.
If you don’t terminate an employee for an obvious firing of­­fense but later use that reason to justify a discharge, you’d better have a good explanation for the delay. Otherwise, a jury may see the move as a pretext for some form of discrimination.

Do you offer a store credit card to your employees? If so, you likely want any balance due repaid if the employee quits or is fired. You may be able to get the employee’s agreement to repay the balance on termination out of his or her vacation or sick account balance.

A Manhattan court stenographer’s job dissatisfaction is part of the official record after he repeatedly typed, “I hate my job, I hate my job” into the transcripts of 30 trials.
Work cellphones won’t be ringing in the middle of the night for more than a million workers in France’s consulting and tech industries, thanks to a pact negotiated by two of the country’s largest white-collar trade unions.
Don’t let what you know is a meritless complaint keep you from disciplining an employee. If you can show the process was already under way and you had a solid business reason, go ahead and discipline the worker.
Employers that always have a clear and solid business reason for discharging employees seldom lose discrimination cases. That’s because even if a protected class member is affected, it’s very hard to counter the employer’s claim it terminated the employee for legitimate nondiscriminatory reasons.
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