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The EEOC is cranking up the scrutiny of employers that use job ads to seek—sometimes not so subtly—younger employees.
Target, the country’s third largest retailer, has announced it will cut 1,400 jobs from its Twin Cities’ headquarters. Falling sales, losses from an unsuccessful expansion into Canada and last year’s massive data breach have been cited as reasons for the downsizing.
A White House executive order that went into effect April 8 prohibits federal contractors and subcontractors from discriminating against employees on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.
The EEOC is extraordinarily patient, and employers aren’t its only target.
The National Labor Relations Board has released guidance on how its new, controversial “ambush” election rules will work, and the procedures are as bad as many employers feared.
OSHA has released updated guidelines on workplace violence in health care and social services settings. Here's how to download the new publication.

If you have a strict rule in place that calls for discharge for a specific offense, be careful before you make an exception for one employee. If you do, another who doesn’t’ get a second chance may believe the real reason is some form of discrimination and point to the other employee’s race, ethnicity, sex or other characteristic different from his as proof.

When it comes to learning how to manage their defined-contribution retirement benefits, employees are old-school.
Assume that a lingering friendship can affect the supervisor/subordinate relationship. At least for a trial period, carefully review all discipline that the new boss wants to impose.
Sometimes, an employee may feel as if she has no viable option except to fight back against a bully or harasser. That puts you, as the employer, in a difficult spot. Do you launch a full-scale investigation, try to sort out which employee is telling the truth and then fire the one you believe most culpable? If that’s the employee who physically struck the other, you may be making the wrong choice.
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