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What do you do if an employee has used up her FMLA leave and her doctor has placed limits on the kind of work she can do? It’s fine to let her return with the restrictions. You won’t later lose an FMLA retaliation case for placing her on light duty.

President Obama has signed an executive order that will force companies seeking to do business with Uncle Sam to reveal whether they have violated any labor laws within the last three years. The order comes on the heels of other administration actions designed to compel federal contractors to adopt more worker-friendly policies.

"Bring Your Own Device" policies are a growing trend, but can they bite back against employers?

The National Labor Relations Board’s lead attorney has determined that franchisors and franchisees—in this case, of the McDonald’s fast-food chain—can be named joint employers when workers file unfair labor practices charges. The decision could reverberate far beyond franchise businesses, aiding organized labor’s efforts to unionize low-wage workers and raise their pay.

A Who’s Who of U.S. companies have embraced tuition assistance as a core component of their benefits packages.
It may have been one of the worst layoff memos of all time. After beginning with a breezy “Hello there,” Microsoft honcho Stephen Elop’s July 17 all-staff email stumbled obliviously downhill.
A recent court case raises a growing issue: Just because a company has a building, do workers need to show up there to get their jobs done?
A Manhattan chef will see her largest payday ever after a state appellate court upheld a $1.6 million judgment against her former employer. Edward Globokar, owner of Tribecamex, will fork over the big bucks to his openly lesbian chef.
Employees who have used up all available leave may want to return to work part time while they are still healing from an injury or illness. Whether part-time work is a reasonable accommodation under the ADA depends on whether all essential functions of the job can be performed part time.
Citing last June’s U.S. Supreme Court decision in Windsor v. US, federal district judge John E. Jones has invalidated Pennsylvania’s ban on same-sex marriage. The decision could eventually force employers to revamp benefits programs to include employees’ same-sex spouses.
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