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Filing a lawsuit alleging corruption or wrongdoing is, according to a recent ruling, a form of protected speech for public employees.
A federal judge has ordered a case to arbitration despite an employee’s argument that it was invalid partly because of his status as an undocumented worker.
The equal pay movement gained significant ground in 2015, with new equal pay legislation enacted in two large states, new pay equity rules issued for federal contractors and equal pay legislation introduced in several states.
To determine whether an employee or family member has a condition that meets the FMLA’s definition of “serious health condition,” employers should review the medical certification they receive from the employee’s health care provider.
Discrimination, lack of support, men's unwillingness to follow women
Unlimited vacation has become a popular benefits trend. The idea is simple: Employees take as much vacation as they want so long as they get their work done.
The DOL has issued a final rule requiring retirement advisors to tell clients if they receive commissions for recommendations.
Employers can now track status of cases online.
Rewarding employee who testified on your behalf can lead to retaliation suit
Not every perceived affront amounts to discrimination.
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