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Q. Our company pays overtime to salaried supervisors for hours they work over 40 in a week. I have never heard of this compensation practice. Is it legal? —C.H., Colorado

Q. We recently terminated an employee. He claims that he is legally entitled to a letter outlining the reasons for his discharge. Is he correct? —E.T., Maryland

Q. We verbally warned an employee not to work overtime. Recently, he claimed to have worked 56 hours straight, eating and sleeping only on regular break times. The timecards say he was here, but we don't have any night staff, so we can't verify if he was actually at work. Is there anything we can do? —S.T., Michigan

Q. A group of our employees met during their break to have group prayer. A supervisor complained to our president, who instructed that we should notify employees that they can't pray on break time. Nor can they pray during lunch unless they leave the building. Some employees are upset. Is this policy legal? —M.S., California

Q. Over the last six months, we have made several attempts to mail a former employee her last paycheck by certified mail. We believe that we have the correct address because we mailed her other items by regular mail during this period and none have been returned. What legal obligations do we have, if any, to get this check to her? —R.Y., Washington, D.C.

Q. I work for a nonprofit social service organization. Do such organizations have to comply with SOX rules? —J.M., New Jersey

Geno's, one of the two self-proclaimed creators of the Philly Cheesesteak, has been charged with discrimination by the Philadelphia Commission on Human Rights. The charge stems from a sign in the restaurant stating "This is America … When Ordering Speak English" ...

You've got (legally explosive) e-mail. That's the message a Broward Circuit Court jury recently delivered to United Parcel Service in a court decision that hinged on a single e-mail sent by a company official ...

Sun Microsystems’ iWork program is more than telecommuting: it’s flexible working, says Lynn Williamson, openwork marketing manager for the Menlo Park, Calif.-based systems manufacturer ...

When West Virginia ranked third in the nation in obese and overweight residents, it turned some heads in California. Reason: While Unicare, a division of Wellpoint, is located in California, it provides Medicaid coverage to 75,000 people in West Virginia ...

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