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An increase in laptop thefts—plus several new state laws on data-theft disclosure— are causing employers to establish tougher security policies for employees’ laptops, PDAs and other tech devices.
At long last, Congress passed the biggest pension reform law in years! The massive new Pension Protection Act of 2006, which President Bush signed into law on Aug. 17, extends more than 20 retirement planning provisions, adds tough restrictions for charitable deductions and affects literally dozens of vital tax rules.
It’s likely that you hold property jointly with your spouse. Unfortunately, that can lead to tax confusion when you sell, bequeath or transfer your property. Plus, seemingly innocuous withdrawals can cause tax complications if you’re not careful.
In short, the first $5,250 of expenses you pay on behalf of each participating employee is tax free. It doesn’t matter whether you reimburse employees for their expenses or pay the fees directly to the school.
The massive new Pension Protection Act of 2006 extends more than 20 retirement planning provisions, adds tough restrictions for charitable deductions and impacts literally dozens of vital tax rules.
You might not give a wine steward at a Disney theme park much of a chance of becoming a leader in his field. That’s exactly what maitre d’ and sommelier Michael Jordan thought when Disney offered him a chance to run a new restaurant at its California Adventure theme park.
Q  My brother and I inherited a beach house from our mother three years ago. I moved into the house permanently two years ago. If we sell the house now, do we each qualify for tax-free gain? L.M., Belmar, N.J.
Job-title inflation has been around for a long time, but it took off during the dot-com boom, when companies handed out titles instead of cash. Now, apparently, we’ve reached the point where “overtitling” has led to inequities and overcompensation. But beware the solution hit on by Employco, an HR consulting firm and insurance company in Illinois that decided it had to overhaul its job titles, down-titling six senior staffers.
“Whole” leaders balance head, heart and guts, while “partial” leaders lag in one or two qualities. Here’s a series of questions to determine if you or your organization are balanced, along with adjustments you can make:
Qualifying for home-sale exclusion demands ownership and residence for two of the past five years