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When filling a job, gather some colleagues to help you read finalists’ résumés.
If employees refuse to give you medical information that you request to determine their eligibility to return to work, they cannot sue you under the ADA.
If you want to stop an in-house union drive, draft a policy prohibiting any form of solicitation on company property.
Q. I work at a software firm in San Francisco. It’s supposedly a hip company, but I’m fed up. I was promised a performance review every six months, but after 14 months I’m still waiting. And when I asked for leave to be with my wife when she had a baby, the company’s personnel person said, “We may have to dock your pay. I’ll get back to you.” She never did. The company’s CEO keeps saying that we’re in an industry with no accepted business model. But is that an excuse for running a sloppy business?
When interviewing for a job, don’t dwell on why you left your last position.
Moods come and go, in yourself and others, but that doesn’t make you a helpless bystander. Without fanfare, you can control your own attitudes and handle fluctuating moods in your bosses and employees.
If you’re filling a position in which the person will come in contact with valuable assets or pose a safety risk, go beyond routine reference checking to investigate the applicant in more detail.
The way you prepare a budget for your department reveals much about both your work habits and outlook. By tracking variables with care and making sound assumptions, you can impress higher-ups with your number-crunching prowess. But if you allocate resources poorly or permit too much flab, you can lose credibility.
Beware of a probe recently launched by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Teens are injured at twice the rate of adults at work, which has led the Department of Labor to consider limiting the number of hours teens may work.
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