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Q. I’m new to the HR world. When we receive reference checks on ex-employees, what information can we (or should we) give out without a signed release? —L.M., Pasadena, Calif.

Think you don’t have to worry about race discrimination in hiring contractors? Think again. A little-known section of the federal Civil Rights Act has become a popular vehicle for claims of race discrimination in contracting ...

The New York Human Rights Division is facing age and race-discrimination lawsuits by two former employees who say they were tossed out for being old and white ...

When you know it’s time to discharge an employee, don’t let excessive fear of a lawsuit immobilize you. The fact is, employers do make mistakes, but not all their errors lead to liability ...

Five employers listed in Fortune’s recently released “100 Best Companies to Work For, 2007” are in New Jersey, led by Ernst & Young, with 1,312 employees in Lyndhurst, which placed 25th ...

Q. If an exempt employee uses all her sick time and vacation time, then takes a half day off for personal reasons, can I deduct for that half day, or does it have to be a whole day? Has that changed under the new law? —Barbara, Louisiana

Q. Can our company legally offer comp time instead of overtime? I've received conflicting answers. —R.S., Virginia

Q. If an employee claims she was discriminated against by the same supervisor who hired and fired her, does the employer have a defense to the discrimination claim? —S.D., New Jersey

Q. We don't usually require employees to provide documentation when they take time off for doctors' appointments, but one worker has a pattern of scheduling these “appointments” on the Friday before holiday weekends. Can we request verification from the doctor's office on a case-by-case basis? —J.B., Washington

Q. Doesn't federal law say employees must be paid within two weeks of completing their work, no matter the excuse (computer glitch, etc.)? —A.L., Virginia

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