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Mismanaged e-mail continues to cost U.S. employers, a recent survey shows.
Ditch fears of public speaking and learn how to speak up in office meetings.
Increase someone’s productivity by as much as 20 percent.
As a child, Potter Palmer worked at his father’s dry goods store in a New York village, learning to set up displays and chat up customers. He loved to sell. He dreamed big. Palmer struck out for Chicago with a $3,000 family loan. This was his chance. To take advantage of it, Palmer tried strange new things:
When Henry Ford announced Five-Dollar Day in 1914, it created a sensation. Overnight, the Ford Motor Co. would double the standard wage of automobile workers. Why did Ford — remembered for assembly-line automation, not employee empathy — create a new wage standard? Two basic reasons:
Will your child be off from school for an extended time at the year-end … and looking to earn some extra cash? Put your teenager on the payroll.
In the midst of the McMansion boom, along comes a tiny little house that creates a whole new market.
The SBTS 2007 Tax Calendar
Mike Huckabee is a rarity: a Republican governor of Arkansas. At first, Huckabee’s relations with the state’s Democrats ran rough. But the Baptist minister and masterful salesman took steps to find common ground with Democrats and get things done.
Issue: Nearly 10 percent of employees serve as caregivers for their elderly parents. That strain results in turnover and productivity problems. Risk: Lost productivity due to elder caregiving costs U.S. ...