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The SBTS 2007 Tax Calendar
Mike Huckabee is a rarity: a Republican governor of Arkansas. At first, Huckabee’s relations with the state’s Democrats ran rough. But the Baptist minister and masterful salesman took steps to find common ground with Democrats and get things done.
Issue: Nearly 10 percent of employees serve as caregivers for their elderly parents. That strain results in turnover and productivity problems. Risk: Lost productivity due to elder caregiving costs U.S. ...
To set competitive salaries, you've probably filled out compensation surveys and maybe even managed such surveys yourself. But recent classaction lawsuits have led some HR professionals and business execs to rethink their participation in (or hosting of) such surveys.
An automotive company granted a welder FMLA leave until Dec. 10. But due to medical complications, she called on Dec. 4 requesting an extension. A company nurse orally approved the extension but asked for certification.
Sadly, about half of all managers say they don’t trust their leaders. Luckily, you can create and even rebuild trust. These 10 factors help people decide whether to trust you:
You no longer can rely on the "motor carrier exemption" in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to avoid paying overtime to delivery drivers who use vans and pickup trucks on their routes.
A new study reaveals assertiveness isn't viewed as a strength ... A benefits provider will give food tips via cell phone ... Many Asian firms are adopting American habits.
If your business becomes infected with sneezing, coughing, aching workers who should be at home in bed during flu season, it could be because they’re afraid to use their sick leave. About a third of those surveyed recently by EAP provider ComPsych said that heavy workloads prevent them from taking time off to rest, and 26 percent admitted that it feels “risky” to miss work.
While 88 percent of small businesses agree that they need a business- continuity plan, only 39 percent actually have one, according to a new Ad Council survey.