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Q. We plan to roll out an incentive plan for all employees. The incentive would be calculated monthly but paid quarterly in addition to regular pay. As part of the plan, we are eliminating overtime. Can we still have employees punch in to monitor attendance or can that come back to haunt us if they work extra hours to reach the incentive threshold? —J.B., New Jersey

Q. Is it legal for our company to require employees to speak only English at work? —B.K., Idaho

Q. We have an add-on to wages of $100 if an employee who's not scheduled to work gets called in within 72 hours. The employee gets paid for the hours worked at his normal wages, with time and a half if it adds up to overtime. The $100 is then added for the hours worked, and taxes are calculated on these earnings as usual. Is this a legal way of rewarding employees for coming in on short notice? –J.S., Oklahoma

Q. Some employees have complained anonymously that an employee is receiving preferential treatment because she's the wife of a manager. How can we defuse this situation? Should I transfer her to another warehouse? —B.B., New York

Q. Is it OK not to pay hourly employees if we have to send them home because our computer system went down for the day? —J.B., Massachusetts

Q. I know that it's illegal to ask applicants certain questions, like whether they are married. Are there any questions I can't ask a previous employer or reference? —F.T., Maine

Now's a good time to review your policy on protecting confidential information, such as product samples. Restrict access to as few employees as possible, and take swift action if you learn of any security breaches. As the biggest cola competitors discovered, trade-secret thieves will try anything ...

Good news for New Jersey employers: When the New Jersey Department of Labor reviews an employee's unpaid-overtime claim and orders back pay, the employee can't file a separate lawsuit in federal court asking for more money and attorneys' fees to boot. Labor's decision is final; case closed ...

An increase in laptop thefts and several new state laws on data-theft disclosure are pushing more U.S. employers to establish tougher security policies for employees' laptops, PDAs and other tech devices ...

Your organization may spring for pizza when everyone works late or buy a cake for employees’ birthdays. But employer-provided food can do more than fill the bellies of hungry staff ...

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