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Human Resources

From employment law to compensation and benefits, FMLA and hiring and firing and more, Business Management Daily provides comprehensive Human Resources updates.

Discover how your colleagues – and competitors – are dealing with discrimination and harassment, employment law, benefits programs, and more.

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You’re tired of hiring consultants to train your staff. You want your employees to learn about change management, teamwork and communication skills by doing—not sitting and listening to “experts” lecture about it.

Light that spark

by on November 1, 1999 12:00am
in HR Management,Human Resources

Like cockroaches, some employees can survive anything. Empires can rise and fall around them and they quietly endure.
Labor leaders see e-mail-based organizing as a way to reverse labor’s declining membership.
When something goes wrong, some employees always seem to have an alibi. You want to hold them accountable, but they explain how they weren’t “in the loop” or they weren’t around.
Beware of new Labor Department scrutiny.
In this tight job market, you may feel lucky to get anyone to fill an open position. But don’t celebrate too soon. By making the newcomer feel welcome from the outset, you increase the odds that the worker will stay and prosper.
I knew a guy with a great résumé. He had technical expertise, a nice mix of job experiences and a steady work history. He interviewed well, too.
Q. What is the protocol for a job seeker who submits a résumé and is told “action will be taken in one week?”
Q. An employer offered to hire me on a 30-day trial basis. I accepted the “consultant fee” without negotiating because I have bills to pay. Should I have played the “Is-that-your-best-offer” game?
San Jose, Calif., has the highest minimum wage in the United States, thanks in large part to Amy Dean. At age 36, Dean is the dynamo who combines intelligence and people smarts to run the South Bay office of the AFL-CIO in San Jose. Dean spoke with us about her approach to negotiation and diplomacy in her rough-and-tumble world.
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