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Employers are always looking for ways to cut health care costs … and smoking and overweight employees may seem like ripe targets for change ...

The Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) prohibits retaliation against New Jersey employees who bring to light illegal or unethical workplace practices ...

Q. Does the new salary threshold of $455 a week (under which employees are automatically eligible for overtime) hold true even if the person works part time, say one or two days a week? We have employees who meet the professional exemption, but they work part time and wouldn't reach the $455 threshold. —L.S., Pennsylvania

Q. Is dyslexia considered a disability under the ADA? Can we legally screen potential employees for it through our pre-employment tests? —F.D., Ohio

Q. What's the deal on paying workers for rest breaks? —J.S., California

Q. Our employees punch a time clock and then go to job sites. Sometimes they don't take a lunch break. But when they do, they're unable to clock out and back in, so there's no time record. Can a manager adjust the timecard by marking through the daily total and deducting the lunch time? –A.P., Virginia

Q. Do we have to pay employees for the time they spend changing into their uniforms before work (and out of their uniforms afterward)? We're a hospital and our operating-room personnel must change clothes. —E.T., Maryland

Q. One of our managers was talking on his company cell phone when he struck and injured a pedestrian. Can the pedestrian sue the company? —P.L., Washington

Q. One of my managers had to work on a holiday, and the hourly employee who worked with him got double time in addition to the holiday pay. When the salaried employee wanted to take time off shortly afterward, my boss said it was not legal to give him comp time—he would have to be paid for the holiday he worked. The employee would rather have time off. Is there no comp time for anyone? —J.W., North Carolina

You can no longer rely on the "motor carrier exemption" in the Fair Labor Standards Act to avoid paying overtime to delivery drivers who use vans and pickup trucks on their routes ...

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