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Employers rarely lose sex discrimination lawsuits if they can show that everyone who broke the same rule received the same punishment.
ACA rollbacks could affect the benefits employers can or must offer.
Q. We recently hired an amazing applicant for a position at our large accounting firm. After signing her offer, she casually mentioned that her husband works here. We have a policy against office romances. Can we dismiss either her or her husband for this reason?
Merely mentioning an illness isn’t the same as requesting FMLA leave.
A Hennepin County, Minn. jury has awarded two Richmond police officers $125,000 after determining that the city discriminated against them because of their age.
The IRS has begun notifying employees whose Social Security numbers have been used by someone else to get a job.
Americans spend an average of 45 minutes every day commuting to and from work at an average cost of $12 per day.
While “locker room” talk may have been in the news lately, that doesn’t mean women have to put up with it.
With the new overtime rules most likely dead for the foreseeable future, let’s review the overtime rules that remain in effect, as they have been since 2004.
Minneapolis-based Ameriprise Financial has agreed to pay $128,200 in back wages and interest to 20 black current and former employees to settle federal discrimination charges.
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