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Q. Can we offer our nonexempt employees comp time instead of overtime pay during a pay period? If we can, do we have to offer it at one and a half times, just like overtime is paid? For example, if an employee works one hour of overtime, do we have to give him one and a half hours of comp time? —J.C., Ohio

Q. We are rewriting our vacation pay policy. Currently, we have two categories of hourly employees. Can we offer 10 vacation days after two years to some employees and five days for the same period to other employees? Can we offer different benefits to salaried and hourly employees? —S.P., Washington

Q. I have a salaried employee who is pregnant. She brought in a doctor's note that says her hours need to be cut to six per day. Can I either reduce her pay or have her work six days a week? —M.S., Virginia

Q. We have an exempt supervisor who's accumulated more than 400 hours of comp time over the past year. It's almost impossible for her to take 400 hours of comp time and do her job. What is our obligation to pay for this comp time? How can this issue best be resolved? —G.H., California

Q. What's the definition of a standard workweek? One of our employees claims that overtime is defined as anything over eight hours per workday. Is he correct? —P.F., Minnesota

Q. Is it mandatory for a nonexempt employee to take at least a 20-minute meal break after working a certain number of hours? —M.M., Illinois

Q. A few employees have complained that we use their Social Security numbers as their ID numbers. They're concerned about potential theft of their identity. Is it legal for employers to use Social Security numbers for ID purposes? —D.T., Illinois

Q. Is there any way to obtain I-9 forms pre-printed in Spanish? —A.B., California

Unlike some other Rust Belt states, Pennsylvania continues to see steady job growth. Gov. Rendell said the latest job figures show a record high: 5,750,100 Pennsylvanians are employed ...

It's typically not wise to assign employees to working groups based on race, sex or any other protected characteristic. But you won't always be liable for discrimination in such cases. Just make sure you have a valid business-based reason for doing so, and then apply that policy consistently to affected employees ...

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