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Q. If an exempt employee uses all her sick time and vacation time, then takes a half day off for personal reasons, can I deduct for that half day, or does it have to be a whole day? Has that changed under the new law? —Barbara, Louisiana

Q. Can our company legally offer comp time instead of overtime? I've received conflicting answers. —R.S., Virginia

Q. If an employee claims she was discriminated against by the same supervisor who hired and fired her, does the employer have a defense to the discrimination claim? —S.D., New Jersey

Q. We don't usually require employees to provide documentation when they take time off for doctors' appointments, but one worker has a pattern of scheduling these “appointments” on the Friday before holiday weekends. Can we request verification from the doctor's office on a case-by-case basis? —J.B., Washington

Q. Doesn't federal law say employees must be paid within two weeks of completing their work, no matter the excuse (computer glitch, etc.)? —A.L., Virginia

Q. If an exempt employee has no more paid leave left, can he take a couple hours off without pay? We'd just manually adjust his salary to reflect this. —A.D., Pennsylvania

Q. An employee injured on the job recently was transported to the hospital by a co-worker. On the way back to work, they were in a car accident and both employees tested positive for illegal substances. What is our total liability? What can companies do to protect against this scenario? —T.K., Ohio

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, technology jobs are again experiencing strong growth in Texas after several years of declines ...

New Jersey employers can't interfere with employees or customers who breast-feed their children in public, as Tiffany and Co. learned the hard way ...

Plenty of job candidates talk a good game, but they couldn't think critically if their lives depended on it ...

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