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The Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has declared that it is "dramatically enhancing its enforcement efforts against employers that knowingly employ illegal aliens." They aren't kidding.

Conduct exit interviews personally to obtain firsthand knowledge about your organization.
Ranjana Clark moved her family so she could oversee a new and bigger division after her bank grew through a merger. She traveled a lot and worked insane hours.
Bernie Marcus came out swinging when a home-improvement company fired him as CEO.
Americans have been preoccupied with their weight for a long time, but the current focus in popular culture on the "obesity epidemic" is itself reaching epidemic proportions.
We've all heard and made jokes for years about taking off for "mental health days," but a recent report by the United Health Foundation highlights just how real this issue is.

HR Law 101: In 1998, the Supreme Court issued its first ruling on an AIDS-related issue and its first major interpretation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The justices made it clear that all persons who are HIV-positive, even though they may show no overt symptoms of the disease, are also protected under the ADA ...

HR Law 101: The ADA prohibits employers from asking job applicants questions that may reveal a disability. You should ask only about the person's ability to perform a job's essential functions ...

HR Law 101: The EEOC has taken a proactive approach to enforcing the ADA's protections for disabled workers. In addition to issuing enforcement guidelines, the agency has settled many cases for substantial sums.

A new ruling by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals (which includes Texas) may encourage people who file Chapter 7 bankruptcy to remain unemployed until the court finalizes their bankruptcy ...

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