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Q. Can we require full-time nonexempt employees to attend work-related functions after regular hours? If so, should this time be compensated? —M.A., Texas

Q. Are employers required to pay for overtime hours resulting from the employee voluntarily switching shifts with another employee? —E.R., Kansas

Q. In light of the recent anthrax attacks, we are concerned about the potential health risks to our employees from handling incoming mail—and the potential legal risks to us. What should we be doing to protect them and ourselves? —V.B., Ohio

Q. We are a small company and can't afford to have an employee on extended leave. Can we legally terminate an employee who is called to jury duty and assigned to a lengthy trial? —J.W., New Jersey

Q. When we win contracts, we recognize employees with cash awards. But these awards may be given to only the select few employees involved. Is this legally OK? —G.J., Alabama

Q. Many of my former employees want me to provide post-employment references, but I'm afraid of liability. Can I ask them to sign a release giving me permission to provide references that would absolve me from any liability? —A.K., Virginia

Q. When employees get married, do we need new W-4s to show the new name? And do we need new I-9s (which, I assume, would require supporting documentation in the new name)? — M.G., Washington

A new law signed last month by Gov. Rendell, The Organ and Bone Marrow Donor Act, grants employers a tax credit if they offer paid organ-donor leave to their employees. State Rep. Robert Godshall (R-Montgomery) proposed the bill (HB 153) after hearing how some would-be organ donors would be deterred by potential economic losses from missing work ...

Florida boasts five of the 10 hottest labor markets in the country, according to a recent Bizjournals study ...

Wondering how your health care benefits measure up against those of other Michigan employers? Find out by participating in McGraw Wentworth’s 2007 Mid-Market Group Benefits Survey ...

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