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“Whole” leaders balance head, heart and guts, while “partial” leaders lag in one or two qualities. Here’s a series of questions to determine if you or your organization are balanced, along with adjustments you can make:
The personal computer (PC) has become part of the average American household. But if you’re self-employed and you use your PC extensively for business, you can lose valuable depreciation deductions by allowing family members to use it.
Qualifying for home-sale exclusion demands ownership and residence for two of the past five years
Does hiring your child actually save money if the child has to pay FICA?
Providing a tax-free cafeteria for aging corporate officers is a questionable move

Your customers expect you to set the bar on customer focus, according to a new survey by the American Management Association and the Human Resource Institute.

We can’t tell you whether or not to leave your job, but we can provide some insight into the tax ramifications.
So, you’ve decided to retire early. Congratulations! But before you devote your life to perfecting your golf swing or trotting around the globe, make sure your financial house is in order.
Most C corporations benefit from a graduated federal income-tax rate structure. But personal service corporations (PSCs) aren’t afforded that luxury. Their income is taxed at the highest corporate federal rate of 35 percent.
Uncover your weak spots by asking yourself the same tough questions you would ask someone you were hiring