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Q. We’re considering giving cell phones to our field employees, rather than desk phones. What kind of policies should we have in place for personal cell calls on those phones? —J.B., Florida

Q. Our employees punch in 15 minutes or less before their warehouse shifts begin. We pay them starting at their scheduled start time. Also, our employees are scheduled for 30-minute lunch breaks, but some punch in and out for lunch within 10 or 15 minutes. Our company pays the full lunch time, regardless of what is punched. Is this OK? —J.W., Indiana

Q. I was interested in your recent article discussing reverifying employees' I-9 documents when they expire. Does this mean that if a worker shows a driver's license as verification, we need to ask for the worker's new number and recheck the information when the license expires? —H.F., Florida

Q. We want to hire an individual who signed a noncompete with his current employer. He asked us to indemnify him in the event his employer sues him. What are the legal risks associated with agreeing to indemnify him? —V.M., Virginia

Q. A salaried supervisor was unable to handle the stress of his job and requested a transfer. Six months ago, we moved him to a rank-and-file hourly position, but we left him at the higher salary. I think I'm being unfair to the other co-workers in that position. May I reduce his wages to the hourly rate? —C.T., Iowa

Q. I know we're allowed to tell employees which months they can't take vacations, but can we also require that vacations be taken only by the week, and not in daily, hourly or half-day increments? —P.A., Nebraska

Q. We allow employees to use their company-issued cell phones for personal purposes up to a certain number of minutes every month. A recently discharged employee exceeded her monthly allotment. Can we recoup the cost of these extra minutes by withholding the amount from her last check? —P.P., South Carolina

Q. Can we require employees to forfeit vacation time that they don't use within a certain period? —G.J., Massachusetts

A new report from the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Immigration Statistics says Texas is the second most popular destination for illegal migration. Only California is home to more illegal workers and residents. Florida rounds out the top three spots ...

Public companies must start providing a clearer picture of their top executives' total compensation in accordance with new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules released in late July ...

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