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When the EEOC sued First Wireless Group over allegations that it fired Hispanic employees who questioned pay disparities, the company got aggressive ...

S.P. Richards Co. (SPR), a Smyrna office-supply wholesaler, recently won an FMLA victory when the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals determined it would be considered separately from its parent company, Genuine Parts Co. ...

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) protects employees against having to work in an environment hostile to their religious beliefs or background. That means if your supervisors tolerate jokes, ribbing or other distasteful references to religious practices or stereotypes, you’re risking a lawsuit and all the expense that entails ...

Q. You've said that a company can't deduct a half-day for an exempt employee who has used all her sick and vacation time; it must be in full-day increments. But what if the employee hasn't used all her banked sick and vacation time? Could an employer require the employee to use that instead? —S.V., North Carolina

Q. We've received differing information on exactly what notices we're legally supposed to post in our office. Where can I find a reliable listing? —W.I., New York

Q. Is it legal to give our full-time, salaried employees extra time off from work due to meetings and extra workload responsibilities? —C.E., West Virginia

Q. If a company provides both personal and vacation days for its employees and does not define what a personal day is, can that be used for anything outside of vacation time? —E.H., Utah

Q. We have some employees who are earning the maximum salary for their job classifications. Can we cut their pay if we feel they’re overpaid? —D.N., Colorado

Q. We give employees the choice of using two 10-minute breaks each day or combining them into one 20-minute lunch break. The employees are required to punch out and in for these breaks. Now, we have a policy that docks employees 15 minutes if they're four or more minutes late returning from a break. Is this legal? —J.B., Texas

Q. Our company pays quarterly and annual bonuses (depending on the position). If an employee is here throughout the entire quarter/year, but leaves before the bonuses are paid out, is he still entitled to the bonus? Our company has no written documentation stating that you must be employed at the time the bonus is paid. —J.S., Colorado