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Throughout the year, and especially during the summer, many of our enterprises use college interns to fill out our teams, handle routine tasks and help us get the job done. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind for using interns on your team.
Contrary to popular belief, credit unions aren’t just for unions, governments or Fortune 500 companies.
As a small business owner, you generally can deduct 100 percent of your family’s medical insurance costs even if you’re self-employed. But you can do better taxwise by taking an unusual approach.
Taxes may be the last thing on your mind when you’re bogged down in a messy legal battle. But errors in the way you draft a settlement agreement could mean thousands of dollars going to Uncle Sam instead of into your pocket.

If you don't feel the heat of employees clamoring to schedule vacation time when summer unofficially begins on Memorial Day weekend, you'll probably feel it soon after. Use these helpful hints for managing vacation schedules and maintaining productivity.

Are dividends earned from bond funds taxable?
Even though we warned you recently not to let employees take undue advantage of them, flexible work options  continue to offer small businesses a significant advantage over large businesses in recruiting and retaining employees.
Sorry, but you can’t take a summer vacation from tax planning. Take your eye off the ball midway through the year, and you could miss out on valuable tax deductions and credits ripe for picking. Here are 11 summertime tax moves that could make you smile come tax-return time.

You would think that employees would typically have a tough time proving that a bully's behavior amounted to sexual harassment under Title VII because that behavior was not of a sexual nature or motivated by an animus towards the employees because of their sex. In a 2005 lawsuit, the 9th Circuit had a different take — it took the "sexual" out of sexual harassment. That suit has since turned into a settlement of $750,000 for the employees.

In addition to the Roth IRA and kiddie-tax changes described above, here are other key provisions of the new tax law passed last month: