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Issue: How to secure the rights to Internet domain names that are related to your organization and its products.
Benefit: You have the legal right to prevent cybersquatters from usurping ...
Issue: This is prime office-pool season: the Super Bowl, followed by the NCAA basketball tournament. Risk: Betting pools can sap productivity, but the real danger comes from compulsive gamblers on ...
President Bush put forth an ambitious plan in January to let illegal aliens hold jobs legally in the United States for the first time. The blaring headlines made this "temporary worker" ...

President Bush this month put forth an ambitious plan to allow undocumented immigrants holding jobs in the United States to earn "temporary worker" status for up to six years.

President Bush signed legislation last month that expands to all 50 states a program that allows employers to go online to verify new hires' Social Security numbers or alien ID numbers for I-9 purposes.

After 12 years with the same company, I am losing my job due to a merger. I have no other job lined up. Should I elect COBRA health and dental coverage? Are there any tax benefits?

Free checklists and reports allow you to identify potential legal problems with compensation, discrimination, disability and more.

If your business pays nonemployees for services, you're responsible for providing that information to the IRS each year.
The timing is critical, and the clock is running down.

C corporations offer better tax treatment for fringe benefits than S corporations. But don't avoid an S corporation election simply because of fringe benefits.

If parking space is at a premium near your building, you may pay for employees to park their cars in a nearby garage or lot.

If you set up a qualified fringe benefit plan, your company can deduct those parking costs, and the benefit is tax-free to the employees. Unfortunately, your company may pay a pretty penny for its local parking privileges.