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A well-written job-offer letter can clear up miscommunication about the compensation and job duties, plus it gives candidates a sense of security when resigning from their current job to join your company.

If job candidates approach you with a written report attesting to the validity of their résumés, don't stop your background check there.

About 13,000 U.S. employers received letters recently alerting them that their company's injury and illness rates run "significantly higher" than national averages and warning them to shape up. The letters don't mean an automatic inspection, but they do increase the chances.

It's hard to attract the best employees if you don't offer any health benefits. But with insurance costs soaring, it's difficult to jump into the health-plan game.

The numbers are deceiving: IRS gum-shoes audited only 0.57 percent of individual tax returns in fiscal year 2002. The rate isn't much higher (only 1.45 percent) for Schedule C filers with incomes above $100,000.

If your company hasn't offered severance pay before, now's a good time to add it to your benefits lineup.

Ever feel like a surrogate parent with certain young, entry-level workers? You're not alone.

Your company can save a lot of money (and potentially a life) by investing very little time or money in a safe-driving program.

Many baby boomers recently surveyed by AARP say they'd be willing to take service positions after they retire from their long-term careers.

A new Unum-Provident study says claims for obesity-related disabilities increased tenfold over the past 10 years.