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Q. I run a small advertising office. A college student has asked to join our staff for the summer. She proposed to work every day for a couple months at no cost. It would be great to get some free help. Is there anything wrong with hiring her? —G.I., Maryland

Q. Are there any legal restrictions on whether we can interview and hire a relative of one of our current employees? —J.D., North Carolina

Q. We're afraid that one of our employees may have been subjected to discriminatory behavior. But she hasn't filed a complaint. What should we do? Do we have an obligation to bring it up and investigate even if she declines? —S.P., Louisiana

Q. We're going back and forth on this question: On an employment application, can we legally ask about an applicant's prior conviction record or arrest record? —T.F., Nevada

Q. My company offers 10 weeks paid maternity leave. Recently, a male employee asked whether he could take maternity leave. I said no, only women are eligible to take such leave. Was I right? —K.R., Maryland

Q. We’re a small business with eight employees. One employee frequently takes off for six to eight weeks with medical problems. She’s done this each year for the past three years. It’s a huge burden because very few people have her training, so we can’t hire a temp. How long do we have to allow her to disappear for months at a time? —M.S., Ohio

When an employee complains about race discrimination, you know to immediately investigate. But what if a manager complains about her subordinate's racial comments? Can the company tell the manager to hold off disciplining the employee until it's had a chance to investigate the discrimination claim? Yes, as a new ruling shows ...

If one of your company's supervisors knowingly ignores a safety rule, can OSHA hold the company liable? OSHA has long argued "yes" and has moved against employers on the premise that if the supervisor knows he's violating the rules, then the company also knows ...

The Texas Workers' Compensation Commission recently adopted new rules to clarify the qualifications and functions of designated doctors and peer reviewers in the Texas workers' comp system ...

One disgruntled worker's lawsuit has turned into a class-action headache for brokerage firm Barclay's Capital ...

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