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Ever wonder if you’re being set up for a lawsuit? You might be if one of your employees has got you thinking about letting her work from home instead of coming to the workplace. Why? Because if you don’t set it up just right, a crafty plaintiff attorney— like me—may come knocking on your door.
Issue: Protecting your organization’s secrets from competitors and preventing staff from jumping to the competition.

Risk: Noncompetes won’t stick if they’re overly broad or cover too many employees.

Action: Determine which key employees could walk out with the most damaging information.
Issue: Avoiding liability for accidents and injuries at your company.

Risk: Big court damages if the injured person can prove your negligence.

Action: Fix potential hazards; warning signs and waivers won’t save you.
Issue: Laws applying to Web site sales and promotion are evolving.

Risk: You could face civil lawsuits, government fines of up to $500,000, jail time and the loss of your site’s copyright.

Action: Audit your site’s legal compliance, starting with these five problem areas.
In a decision that elevates your legal risk in discrimination cases, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June that employees no longer need to show direct evidence ...
Issue: Courts place the burden on employers to complete investigations of sexual harassment complaints, even in the face of reluctant complainants.
Risk: Failing to pursue complaints actively will come back ...
You and your health plan administrator will have to provide more specifics on COBRA rights to employees under new rules proposed by the U.S. Labor Department. The proposed ...
In a shift from its recent trend of holding states immune from federal law, the Supreme Court affirmed the right of state employees to file lawsuits relating to the Family ...
Issue: Responding to employee harassment complaints is a high-stakes venture.
Risk: A botched investigation can damage employee moral and spark a lawsuit.
Action: Make sure you (or any manager ...
Legislators shelved a bill last month that would allow private-sector companies to offer compensatory time to employees in lieu of overtime pay, due in large part to intense protests from organized ...