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Q. If an employee claims she was discriminated against by the same supervisor who hired and fired her, does the employer have a defense to the discrimination claim? —S.D., New Jersey

Q. Doesn't federal law say employees must be paid within two weeks of completing their work, no matter the excuse (computer glitch, etc.)? —A.L., Virginia

Q. An employee injured on the job recently was transported to the hospital by a co-worker. On the way back to work, they were in a car accident and both employees tested positive for illegal substances. What is our total liability? What can companies do to protect against this scenario? —T.K., Ohio

New Jersey employers can't interfere with employees or customers who breast-feed their children in public, as Tiffany and Co. learned the hard way ...

The rising cost of individual health insurance is causing more people to take ex-employers up on their offer of COBRA continuing health insurance ...

You can legally reject job applicants who have physical or mental limitations if they would pose a direct threat to their own safety or the safety of customers or co-workers. The ADA makes that clear. What isn’t clear is what’s considered a “direct threat” ...

Q. We had a full-time RN request time off to be with her husband who experienced a heart attack. We’re a small medical center with 25 employees. Administration was very upset and wouldn’t let her take any paid time off and wouldn’t guarantee her position. She had lots of sick time and vacation time in the bank. Can the company do that? —D.B., Pennsylvania

Q. We classified our janitorial supervisor as an exempt employee. She meets some of the qualifications, such as hiring and firing janitorial staff. But when she's on site, she mainly performs janitorial duties. Is she classified correctly? —L.B., Texas

Q. A recent sexual harassment complaint reported the conduct of management employees at a private party. The party was outside the normal workday and wasn't sponsored by the company. What is the company's liability? —W.S., Wisconsin

Q. A few of our employees have added their spouses to our health benefits plan. We've heard through the grapevine that some of these “couples” aren't actually married. Can we check on this without being discriminatory? —L.C., Illinois