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Even after years of making tough decisions, New York Jets head coach Herman Edwards still finds cutting players from the team one of his most difficult responsibilities. Edwards—who played in the NFL for 10 years before entering the coaching ranks—learned a lesson years back, when he was cut from the Philadelphia Eagles.

While most everyone considers a grandparent to be an especially cherished family member, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) does not generally include a grandparent in its definition of a family member. There is one exception, though. If the grandparent acted "in loco parentis" (i.e., on behalf of the parents in raising the child), then the FMLA may apply.

World War II news correspondent Ernie Pyle showed an extraordinary ability to write about the average GI’s thoughts, feelings and experiences.
If the people at your new job are ridiculously happy to see you, beware. You’ve just inherited a big mess. As early as the interview stage, you may see warnings. Look for problems like these:
You probably think you know your “people people.” They’re the nurturers, the team players, the diplomats. In truth, that ain’t the half of it. Researchers studied the psychological tests of more than 7,000 professionals and identified four aspects of “relational” work: influence, interpersonal facilitation, relational creativity and team leadership. Here’s what it means:
Use these “attitude guidelines” to focus yourself on the job:

Wal-Mart execs were wearing egg on their faces last month, and possibly facing legal action, after news media published an internal memo in which a senior VP suggested "clever" ways to cut benefit costs ...

Issue: Must you pay employees for time spent changing into protective gear and walking to (and from) their workstations?
Benefit/risk: The Supreme Court finally answered this long-running question, but the ...
Issue: If an employee believes a boss's order is illegal, she can refuse to do it. And you can't punish her for that defiance.
Risk: You could run afoul of ...
Holiday bonuses are becoming less of a holiday tradition, as 59 percent of employers won't award them this year, says a new Hewitt Associates survey. "Employers recognize that the value in ...