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Issue: You know how to help employees who are fired or laid off. But HR people often forget those principals when facing that
problem themselves.
Benefit: With proper planning ...
You are at the front lines when confronting angry employees; you typically have to deal with their raw rage. So, how can you handle angry employees’ complaints without adding more stress to your day or opening the organization to legal liability? Use the following “Six A’s” to deflect employee anger: 1. Abstain from interrupting. Let [...]
Ever since media reports focused earlier this year on a Michigan company's strict policy banning smokers on staff, many employers have asked the question: "Can we, should we, do the same?" ...
Workplace violence has gone far beyond the stereotype of the disgruntled postal worker. No workplace is immune. In fact, each week, an average of 20 employees are killed and about 18,000 are assaulted on the job, according to government statistics. What triggers on-the-job violence? The top reasons: personality conflicts, work-related stress, family or marital problems, [...]
Issue: Busy execs don't have time to consider ideas that don't improve the bottom line.
Risk: Presenting your ideas without taking time to examine the costs and the cash flow ...
THE LAW. The U.S. Labor Depart-ment and each state government require employers to post certain employment-law information that ex-plains employees' rights and responsibilities. You also must make sure your federal and ...
Issue: As a new ruling shows, you can make minor changes to an employee's job while he or she is on FMLA leave.
Benefit: Increased staffing flexibility, decreased liability under ...

Have a missing plan participant in a defined contribution plan? Unsure of exactly what your options are? Take a page from the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) field assistance guidance for locating missing participants.

Conflicts of interest in benefits decisions under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) have taken on a new life with extended risks for plan administrators. The Tenth Circuit recently established guidelines for plan administrators when a conflict exists between administering the plan and making benefits payment decisions.

Any business in the service industry feels a certain amount of pressure to hire the most attractive employees to represent their public "face." While it might not seem fair to hire or reject people based on their attractiveness, it's not generally illegal. Being a plain Jane or Joe is not federally protected. What makes appearance standards illegal is when they are based on protected characteristics, such as age, race, and gender.