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Issue: The legal and financial hazards of an improperly programmed time clock.
Risk: Thousands in back pay and government penalties, in addition to unwanted publicity.
Action: Audit your timekeeping ...
Rescinding job offers just got more legally dangerous. As incredible as it sounds, if you pull the rug out from a candidate's job offer, the person may be able to sue ...
Issue: Employees tend to refer people with similar characteristics to themselves.
Risk: Overrelying on employee referrals can create a homogeneous work force and spark discrimination complaints.
Action: Limit referrals ...
Issue: Paying higher-than-average administrative costs for your organization's 401(k) plan.
Risk: Smaller companies unwittingly shell out bigger fees.
Action: Don't take 401(k) fees at face value; shop around and ...
Janice Bryant Howroyd was the first to integrate her North Carolina high school, where her teacher explained “why Africans were so well-suited to slavery and how we’d be much poorer as a society if we went any further with this affirmative action.”
Beware of making every hiring decision by yourself;  it can yield a clone like staff with a poor mix of strengths and weaknesses.
Corrine Perritano regularly finds new managers from among her customers across the country.
During his drive upward from union clerk to New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) chairman, Dick Grasso showed extraordinary ability as a marketer, salesman, relationship manager and infighter. He ran the place behind figureheads, and once he nailed the top job, many agree that he did a great job ... despite his bullying nature.
Issue: Two employees ask to share one job: Should your organization approve it?
Risk/benefit: Job sharing can improve retention and boost morale, but it also can spark negative side effects. ...
If you hire lots of temporary employees and fear that they'll join with the regular staff to organize a union, we have good news: A new National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ...