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Q. Is it OK not to pay hourly employees if we have to send them home because our computer system went down for the day? —J.B., Massachusetts

Now's a good time to review your policy on protecting confidential information, such as product samples. Restrict access to as few employees as possible, and take swift action if you learn of any security breaches. As the biggest cola competitors discovered, trade-secret thieves will try anything ...

An increase in laptop thefts and several new state laws on data-theft disclosure are pushing more U.S. employers to establish tougher security policies for employees' laptops, PDAs and other tech devices ...

Q. We just discovered that an employee we hired two months ago is working for another company, too. He is a salaried employee and hardly ever in the office. Is there anything we can do? Is it too late to add a no-moonlighting policy to our handbook? —K.T., California

Atlanta-based Delta Airlines will pay $70 million into a trust fund for disabled employees and retirees to settle U.S. Labor Department allegations that the airline misused the fund to pay severance packages after the 9/11 attacks ...

Q. We're a surveying company and often use temporary workers on big projects. We recently rejected a candidate sent by the temp agency. Now, the candidate is threatening to sue, saying we discriminated against her because of her accent. Can she sue us even though she was employed by the temp agency, not by us? —M.L., Maryland

Q. Management wants to institute a policy that requires cashiers whose registers are short at night's end to replace the disputed amount out of their own pockets. Does this violate the law? —B.B., New York

Q. We are planning to change the pay of one employee from straight salary to a lower salary plus commission. How can we do this without violating wage law? —G.T., South Dakota

Q. Our office receptionist has a history of being late for work and taking unexcused absences. She's out on FMLA leave to care for her sick mother. Her temporary replacement is doing an outstanding job and always shows up on time. Our CEO has asked if we can keep the new receptionist and tell the other one not to return. Can we? —J.M., New York

Q. This year our company may exceed 20 employees for the first time. Is it true that employers of 20 or more employees have to offer COBRA? Do part-time employees and independent contractors count toward that total? —M.K., Minnesota