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Here’s how a corporate recruiter would advise you to land a job as an executive in a public company:
Q.  According to your write-up on the pension law, the law didn’t extend other tax breaks such as R&D costs. Does that mean those breaks are eliminated for 2006?
A new report identifies the top 10 workplace topics of the moment ... A recent web contest awarded prizes for 'Worst Boss' story ... Blog asks for 'Worst Employee' stories.
Promoting diversity in the workplace is not only the right thing to do but also good for business—it helps our teams profit from a variety of perspectives and viewpoints. But how do these benefits work in practice? Are diverse teams really better teams?

When it comes to time off, it seems that all the talk is about paid time off (PTO) programs. But just because Traditional programs might not receive as much of the HR spotlight, it doesn't mean these programs, which separate vacation, sick, and personal time, have gone out of fashion.

Are some tax breaks being eliminated in 2006?

Ask employees which job perks they appreciate the most, and chances are, a company car or gym membership is not going to top the list.  Nowadays, most employees appreciate anything their employers do to help them achieve a work/life balance.

Feeling the pinch of rising fuel prices? It’s affecting 43 percent of small companies and moderately affecting 32 percent of them, says a new survey by the National Small Business Association.
An increase in laptop thefts—plus several new state laws on data-theft disclosure— are causing employers to establish tougher security policies for employees’ laptops, PDAs and other tech devices.
At long last, Congress passed the biggest pension reform law in years! The massive new Pension Protection Act of 2006, which President Bush signed into law on Aug. 17, extends more than 20 retirement planning provisions, adds tough restrictions for charitable deductions and affects literally dozens of vital tax rules.