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Issue: You often need people to act or decide quickly, even if they don't report to you.
Risk: When people avoid making decisions, it can slow you down and reflect ...
Issue: New federal guidelines require all organizations to establish an ethics-training program.
Benefit: By taking the lead on this issue, you'll cut the organization's liability risk and impress the brass. ...
When training supervisors, stress that they must work harder to prevent workplace intolerance toward employees with physical or mental impairments.
Reason: More courts are allowing employees to use
the ...
Here are a few highlights from an ABC News Web poll asking readers for the worst thing a boss ever told them.
Superior leaders can connect events that seem unrelated.
Here’s a bit of advice from the research director of Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership on how to avoid going bad as a leader:
Issue: How consistently do you treat employee absences?
Risk: Many organizations' attendance policies, inadvertently or not, include legally risky doublespeak.
Action: Examine your policy, looking for contradictions and inconsistencies ...
What happens if you inadvertently share a trade secret? Come clean immediately, legal experts say.
Don't treat temporary workers like second-class citizens when it comes to complying with employment laws. Contrary to popular belief, your organization isn't protected from job-discrimination lawsuits simply because the workers affected ...
Issue: Many HR departments can't afford e-training and education programs.
Benefit: Using basic, inexpensive do-it-yourself training tools, you can cut costs and earn praise for your big-picture thinking.
Action: ...