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Conflicts of interest in benefits decisions under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) have taken on a new life with extended risks for plan administrators. The Tenth Circuit recently established guidelines for plan administrators when a conflict exists between administering the plan and making benefits payment decisions.

Have a missing plan participant in a defined contribution plan? Unsure of exactly what your options are? Take a page from the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) field assistance guidance for locating missing participants.

Any business in the service industry feels a certain amount of pressure to hire the most attractive employees to represent their public "face." While it might not seem fair to hire or reject people based on their attractiveness, it's not generally illegal. Being a plain Jane or Joe is not federally protected. What makes appearance standards illegal is when they are based on protected characteristics, such as age, race, and gender.

Issue: OSHA "dramatically" increased the number of its most serious kind of violations that it handed out in 2004.
Risk: Negative inspection results can trigger big fines and sales-killing publicity. ...
Issue: Companies that lack any kind of security system run a 4.5 times higher risk of burglary and vandalism.
Benefit: Small-scale security systems have become more affordable and easier to ...
Managers may want to "get tough" on employees who have given them trouble in the past. But, as the following case shows, employees can sue for retaliation if they can prove ...
Job reviews shouldn’t be paper-moving programs that return zero value. Here are five symptoms that warn of trouble in a supervisor’s appraisal process, according to Joan Rennekamp, HR pro at the Denver law firm of Rothgerber, Johnson & Lyons: 1. Employees are unpleasantly surprised by the ratings. Performance appraisals shouldn’t contain surprises. They should be [...]
Issue: Overburdening employees because of their language abilities.
Risk: Relying too heavily on bilingual employees could spark a national-origin bias lawsuit.
Action: Remind supervisors to be on guard against ...
Courts usually allow you to set grooming policies or appearance standards, particularly for employees who deal directly with customers. Just make sure you apply your rules evenhandedly across your work force. ...
It happens to top male managers with the best of intentions: You evaluate a poor-performing female employee and, instead of citing her problems straightforwardly, you unknowingly ignore or soft-pedal them. This is a fairly common problem. Research indicates that male managers give female employees performance reviews that are not as forthright as those they give [...]