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The push to audit S corporations (described above) is part of a larger IRS initiative to examine more returns, particularly of small business owners. Don't think you're immune just because you've been able to fly under the radar so far.

For busy businesspeople, cell phones, laptops, PDAs and other portable devices are essential. Usually, the company buys such devices and gives them to higher-ups and other employees who need them.

New proposed IRS regulations give the green light to using electronic means to send benefit plan information to employees and beneficiaries that is otherwise required in writing.

Many a leader has crashed on the rocks of mergers and acquisitions. That’s because the sirens’ call says that merging two corporate cultures is the “soft stuff.” The hard truth, notes Susan Bowick, who retired last year as an executive vice president at Hewlett- Packard (HP), is that “the soft stuff is the hardest stuff.”
Before Bruce Springsteen became “The Boss,” Frank Sinatra was Il Padrone (“The Boss” in Italian). To Italian-Americans close to him, Sinatra became one of those guys known in Sicily as uomini rispettati, or men of respect. Such leaders were both majestic and humble. They would go out of their way to right a wrong. They’d see to things personally. Villagers would kiss their hands.
If a superstar leaves your employment, you’ll have to muddle through. Take some of the muddling out, with these steps:
Not too long ago, for most of us, the only place we saw defibrillators was on TV emergency room shows (or, of course, in emergency rooms themselves). But now, automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are becoming standard features in the workplace.
The EEOC published a Q&A document last month explaining when cancer is a "disability" under the ADA and how you should accommodate employees with cancer.
More than 1 million Americans ...
Issue: Severance agreements that deny severance payments to employees fired "for cause."
Risk: Failing to clarify "for cause" could result in having to pay severance to people fired for blatant ...
Several government agencies are alerting business owners that they don't need to pay for most forms and posters they're required to use and post in
their workplaces. Those documents are ...