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When it comes to accommodating religious practices, employers aren’t required to be clairvoyant. If an employee wants you to accommodate a religious practice or objects to a work rule because it interferes with his or her right to practice religion, the employee has to let you know how practicing the religion precludes following the rule ...

You’ve just created a new position and a job description to go with it. That description includes essential job functions, as well as education and training requirements. Now you want to create a skills test to make sure applicants can do the job. Not so fast! Before you have the first applicant take the test, double-check that your test measures the attributes related to the essential functions you specified in the job description ...

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott recently sued employers and a labor organization in El Paso and Corpus Christi for allegedly forcing employees to become union members or pay union dues in violation of the state’s right-to-work law ...

A federal district court jury awarded a Subway restaurant employee $166,500 in a disability discrimination suit. After a trial in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, the jury concluded that Bobrich Enterprises Inc., which operates Subway restaurants in Dallas, violated the ADA by harassing a hearing-impaired employee ...

Health care costs are an issue for just about every company. One common employer practice could be contributing to the problem. Many companies only communicate their benefits programs to employees once a year, piling on the information at open enrollment. It is better to have the communication going all year round, according to Matthew Roberts, Vice President of Employee Benefits for Brown & Brown of New Mexico (Albuquerque). "If employees are only looking at their benefits once a year, the employer is starting at square one every year, especially with employees that [rarely] utilize the benefits," he warned. "Most are not going to retain much of the information."

Successful business organizations engage in these core activities, says business consultant Bud Bilanich.
Looking at the Revolutionary army at Valley Forge, Baron von Steuben hardly knew where to begin.
Chances are you don’t have to think hard to remember a miserable customer-service experience.
Whether you’re a fan of Martha Stewart or not, you have to admit that she knows how to survive. When accused of insider trading, she didn’t wait for it to blow over. Instead, she set up a web site and put ads in newspapers to fight the charges.
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