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Q. Should I always make and retain copies of Form I-9 supporting documents? —K.L., California

Q. We have an hourly worker who oversees both the maintenance and housekeeping departments and supervises two employees. In this job, he has the authority to hire and fire, but he also is a “working” supervisor who performs maintenance in and around the property. Can his status be changed to salary/ exempt? —T.W., Texas

Q. Is there any legal precedent or other justification for not allowing public employees to create work-related documents on their home computers? —J.R., Alabama

Q. Our workers have irregular schedules. They may work for two weeks and then be off for three. They typically earn $60,000 to $70,000. Can we pay them every two weeks based on their average yearly income and, if they work more, pay them at an hourly rate? —D.D., Louisiana

If Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) has her way, employers would have to comply with yet another federal employment entitlement: the right to breast-feed or express milk for infant feeding. Her bill would make it illegal to discriminate against breast-feeding moms and would give tax incentives for companies to establish sanitary places for employees to breast-feed ...

t’s not a good idea for employees to invest too big a proportion of their retirement dollars in a single stock—even if it’s your organization’s stock. And the IRS says you have to point that risk out to employees four times a year on quarterly plan statements ...

Ever wonder how your health care costs stack up against those of employers in other parts of the country? You can find out by accessing the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s database ...

Q. Can our company require an independent contractor to wear a specific uniform? And can we stipulate that the contractor buy the uniform through us? —A.C., California

Q. Since Sept. 11 and due to the economic doldrums, some of our employees have not been the same emotionally. We’ve tried to be patient and understanding, but they seem to need something else. We’ve heard that some companies are contracting with corporate ministry services. Is this practice legal or advisable? —S.S., Virginia

Q. Is it legal to require management employees to give us a longer resignation period than other employees? —M.L., Missouri