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Q. I have a salaried employee who is pregnant. She brought in a doctor's note that says her hours need to be cut to six per day. Can I either reduce her pay or have her work six days a week? —M.S., Virginia

Q. What's the definition of a standard workweek? One of our employees claims that overtime is defined as anything over eight hours per workday. Is he correct? —P.F., Minnesota

Q. A few employees have complained that we use their Social Security numbers as their ID numbers. They're concerned about potential theft of their identity. Is it legal for employers to use Social Security numbers for ID purposes? —D.T., Illinois

Unlike some other Rust Belt states, Pennsylvania continues to see steady job growth. Gov. Rendell said the latest job figures show a record high: 5,750,100 Pennsylvanians are employed ...

SC Johnson paid one of its employees 25 percent of her salary to spend eight weeks in Mexico learning the culture and language. She's among about 70 employees who have participated in the company’s five-year-old sabbatical program, which allows anyone who has worked at the company for at least five years to take off eight weeks ...

Workaholics, or people who work in “extreme jobs,” cost themselves, their families and their employers dearly, according to a new Center for Work-Life Policy study ...

Q. Concerning writing reference letters, we have a few supervisors who think it's OK to write them only for “good” employees. But our policy says supervisors can't issue reference letters for any current or former employee. I'm having a hard time finding a reason that justifies our policy. Help! —P.T., South Dakota

Q. Some of our employees have been getting a lot of spam e-mail that advertises porn sites. I'm concerned that an employee will consider this junk as creating a hostile work environment. What can we do to protect ourselves? —M.C., Minnesota

Q. We have a written employment contract with a worker that includes her salary, but an additional sheet attached to that outlines the commission structure. If the employee resigns with a month's notice, what is our obligation to pay approximately $10,500 in earned commissions? —P. D., Pennsylvania

Q. If an employee is out sick but has already used up her sick-leave hours, can we legally subtract from her vacation time instead? —K.P., Michigan