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Q. When do we have to count “on-call” time as hours worked?—L.G., California

Q. Our company policy says employees who work on holidays are paid time-and-a-half. If an exempt employee works on a holiday, can I pay him time-and-a-half? —R.E., Iowa

Q. To hold down litigation costs and resolve disputes faster, we're thinking about requiring employees to sign arbitration agreements that would make them arbitrate employment disputes instead of going to court. Are these agreements legal? —C.R., California

A recent U.S. Labor Department action shows how aggressively the federal government is going after employers who don't follow the letter and spirit of the Service Contract Act. The law requires employers that perform services on federal contracts to pay service employees no less than the wages and benefits prevailing in the locality ...

The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled in February that the state’s amendment banning gay marriage prohibits public employers from offering domestic-partner benefits ...

Jocks & Jills, Atlanta’s popular sports bar, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy following a recent $2 million verdict for sexual and racial harassment ...

Q. One of our employees was recently in jail for traffic and drug violations. Before he returns to work, what guidelines can we follow to ensure that he's drug-free? Will we be discriminating if we require a drug test before allowing him back on site, even though we didn't require this test when he was hired? —M.Z., Washington

Q. Is it legal to offer some employees, but not others, stipends to help with education, rent or lodging? —N.G., California

Q. Our company doesn't want to consider unsolicited résumés as applicants. We are trying to come up with a legally sound definition for “applicant” so we can write an official policy. —H.D., Wisconsin

Q. Are there any legal restrictions on whether we can interview and hire a relative of one of our current employees? —J.D., North Carolina