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Human Resources

From employment law to compensation and benefits, FMLA and hiring and firing and more, Business Management Daily provides comprehensive Human Resources updates.

Discover how your colleagues – and competitors – are dealing with discrimination and harassment, employment law, benefits programs, and more.

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Despite passage of a federal bill that would make discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation illegal nationwide, don’t expect it to become the law of the land any time soon. That doesn't mean you're off the hook for anti-gay discrimination: It's against the law in many jurisdictions. Prevent discrimination against gays—and protect yourself from liability—with a strong anti-discrimination policy.

With more and more citizen-soldiers being called to long tours of duty, being a member of the reserves or the National Guard no longer seems like a part-time position. Inconvenient as it may be, resist the temptation to mention someone's military service in performance reviews, at bonus time or when considering service members for promotions or raises ...

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When it comes to hiring and promotions, it’s best to avoid subjectivity in the selection process. Tell managers and supervisors: If they have to rely on hunches, impressions and whether they “feel” one candidate is a better choice than another candidate, they are asking for trouble ...

With the closing of its national call center in Kansas set for Dec. 19, the EEOC took the unusual step of warning the public that it will be harder to communicate with the agency for at least a few months. The agency called on employers “to be patient” during that time ...

It’s happened to most HR specialists—a supervisor calls and says an employee claims he’s disabled so he can’t work the night shift or lift anything heavier than a ream of paper. Plus, the employee wants extra breaks beyond those everyone else gets because his disability tires him easily. How do you respond? ...

When preparing to interview job candidates, it’s important for supervisors to plan out their lines of questioning. Decide which skills are most important for that position, then focus your questions on assessing those skills. Here are some sample questions to work from: Employment history If you had to evaluate your performance in your present job […]

Just about every harassment allegation deserves some sort of investigation. After all, that’s the only way to tell what is really happening down in the trenches. But that doesn’t mean each and every accusation should result in discipline or some other tangible action ...

Jason Hall, of Malvern, who worked for two months in 2006 at the North Wales Best Buy store, has filed a suit over unpaid time spent by employees undergoing security searches and working through breaks ...

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