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Q One of our employees is assigned to work 32 hours per week. His regular off-day is Monday. If a holiday falls on a Monday (such as Labor Day), is the employee entitled to pay for the day?

Q May a California employer consider a worker’s arrest record in making a hiring decision?

Q Our company policy prohibits managers from dating subordinates. I have just learned that a manager has violated this rule. May we terminate her employment?

Q One of our employees has just filed a complaint with the company claiming that she has been sexually harassed. We are concerned that if we discipline the alleged harasser based on our findings and note this incident in his personnel file, he may demand to inspect our investigation records. May we avoid this by maintaining a separate investigation file?

If the ability to perform certain physical tasks is absolutely essential to one of the jobs in your workplace, tread carefully when it comes to medical evaluations. The ADA makes it illegal to “regard” persons as disabled ...

Employees suddenly confronted with unpleasant alterations in their duties, responsibilities or schedules may look for reasons to avoid making the change ...

Under California law, employees are entitled to overtime payments unless the law exempts them from protection. But It’s up to employers to justify each exemption they claim ...

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