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Q. We use a timecard punch-in/punch-out system. If an employee forgets to punch in, and we manually do it, do any labor laws apply? —B.B., New York

Q. Our business recently was forced to implement layoffs—and most remaining employees walked off the job. All were given a COBRA notice, but only one chose to take the coverage. Since this was a group insurance policy and only one person will now be insured, the insurer is cancelling our policy. What's our responsibility to that ex-employee? —G.B., Texas

Q. We have a maintenance employee who we will soon put “on call” for various shifts (occasionally at night) to fix equipment. How should we handle his on-call pay? —E.P., Rhode Island

Q. We get numerous unsolicited résumés through e-mail and regular mail. Do we have any duty toward these individuals? Do we have any obligation to keep the materials they send? —R.B., Illinois

It looks like comprehensive federal immigration reform will have to wait. Immigration rallies in the spring and summer rattled lawmakers to attention, as both the House and the Senate passed separate bills aimed at addressing border control and illegal employment ...

Consumer-directed health plans may become all the rage in the future, but they’re slow to catch on so far ...

New York employers are cheating the state workers’ compensation system to the tune of $500 million to $1 billion a year, according to estimates in a Fiscal Policy Institute (FPI) study ...

Q. As part of our new employees' noncompete contracts, we've started including a clause that requires employees to repay the company (through payroll deduction) for training costs if they quit or are fired within one year. Are we OK legally? —S.M., Kentucky

Q. I believe that one of our employees falls within the administrative exemption under FLSA, but I'm not sure if he “regularly exercises discretion and independent judgment.” How can I make that determination? —A.C., Mississippi

Q. I run a small advertising office. A college student has asked to join our staff for the summer. She proposed to work every day for a couple months at no cost. It would be great to get some free help. Is there anything wrong with hiring her? —G.I., Maryland