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According to a recent survey, the same kinds of conditions that preceded a deadly March 2005 accident at BP Products North America’s Texas City refinery are pervasive in refineries across the nation. The survey polled union leaders at 51 refineries, representing 49% of the U.S. refining capacity ...

2008 Tax Calendar
Starting salaries for administrative positions will inch up slightly in 2008, led by starting salaries for senior executive assistants, human resources assistants and “presentation specialists.”
Government researchers issued a warning last month about the recent spread of MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), an easily acquired staph infection that now causes more deaths per year than AIDS.
Many moons ago, 12-year-old paperboy Morrill Worcester, of Maine, won a trip to Washington, DC. The sight that most impressed him in the nation’s capital was Arlington National Cemetery, with its rows of marble headstones.
Employee volunteer programs don't just help the community in which you live--they also offer real, tangible benefits to the companies that sponsor them.
There is a debate about the idea of anti-bias bonds. Employees buy the bonds upon hire, earn interest on the money during employment, but forfeit the proceeds if they ever sue the company.

If there’s one situation in which the HR function really earns its keep, it’s when an employer faces the prospect of having to discharge an employee. Sometimes—if a subordinate has a legitimate complaint against the supervisor, for example—the supervisor harbors illegal retaliatory motives. That’s when it’s best to have an independent decision-maker involved ...

Many discrimination lawsuits are the direct result of poor performance appraisal processes. A supervisor who is eager to maintain a cordial and productive workplace may hold back on legitimate criticism to avoid rocking the boat. This tactic can backfire badly once a new supervisor begins enforcing productivity rules and downgrades an employee previously rated “stellar.” If that employee is also a member of a protected class, look out ...

The Indianapolis Fire Department has agreed to pay $350,000 to settle a sexual discrimination suit filed by a female captain. The captain claimed she was harassed, unjustly disciplined and not considered for promotion ...

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