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In a term that will be dominated by cases concerning Guantanamo detainees and the power of the Executive branch, the U.S. Supreme Court will also hear an important case involving employment discrimination.

In 2004, Congress overhauled the tax rules for nonqualified deferred-compensation plans. Follow these seven steps to ensure full compliance under the final regs:
William Filene was born into a poor family in Poland in 1830. He started out in America with a store the size of a small bedroom. But he kept building until he had one of the most successful retail chains in American history.
Don’t let people spend too much time alone to be “creative.”
You carefully evaluate job candidates before bringing them on board. It’s just as critical to evaluate current team members.
Some call him America’s doctor. Dr. Mehmet Oz is a regular on “Oprah” and has written a couple of best-sellers, including YOU: The Owner’s Manual.
After the battle of Breed’s Hill in 1775, America’s revolutionary officers assessed what had happened and realized how close they’d come to victory against a much larger British force.

When an employee requests a transfer after complaining about alleged harassment, don’t jump at the opportunity—only to place him in an unpleasant new environment. Merely honoring a request to be moved isn’t a defense against a retaliation claim. That’s true even if you provide the same pay and don’t change benefits, seniority or any other aspect of the employment relationship ...

Millions of Americans have diabetes, and millions more have it but don’t know it. But with new medications and careful diet, most diabetics can control their condition and lead largely normal lives. That has implications for how employers handle their ADA obligations ...

Sometimes, it seems easier to just make an accommodation than argue about whether the employee requesting one is really disabled. But does making the accommodation mean you agree the employee is disabled? The answer is no. If the employee comes back asking for even more accommodations, you still can challenge her status.

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