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Human Resources

From employment law to compensation and benefits, FMLA and hiring and firing and more, Business Management Daily provides comprehensive Human Resources updates.

Discover how your colleagues – and competitors – are dealing with discrimination and harassment, employment law, benefits programs, and more.

Q. If an exempt employee has no more paid leave left, can he take a couple hours off without pay? We'd just manually adjust his salary to reflect this. —A.D., Pennsylvania

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, technology jobs are again experiencing strong growth in Texas after several years of declines ...

Plenty of job candidates talk a good game, but they couldn't think critically if their lives depended on it ...

Q. How many times should we allow an employee to be late before giving an oral warning? We have a mandatory 8:30 a.m. production meeting. Everyone knows traffic is out of control, but most employees manage to arrive on time most of the time. Some are consistently late and constantly blame traffic. —J.A., California

The Cochran Firm, founded by the late Johnnie Cochran of O.J. Simpson-defense fame, has set its sights on the poultry-processing industry, filing lawsuits for back wages and other workplace violations ...

The idealistic preacher’s son from Chicago wanted to save lives … from his post in a research lab. In preparation for a career in academic research, Brad Sheares spent a summer beheading rats in Merck & Co.’s research laboratories. It was 1978.
Many Americans never forgave President Gerald Ford for pardoning — and forgiving — disgraced President Richard Nixon.

Audra Wales called in sick to the Wendy's restaurant where she worked on Jan. 11 and then showed up later that day to pick up her regular paycheck. During a dispute ...

Ready to interview job candidates? Start by establishing criteria that give you something more substantial to go on than simply whether you like or dislike a candidate.

HR Law 101: Nowadays, most organizations conduct exit interviews with departing employees to determine why they’ve resigned. Exit interviews can be a great HR tool, but you have to know what questions to ask and, at the same time, what questions to avoid for legal reasons ...