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According to a recent survey, the same kinds of conditions that preceded a deadly March 2005 accident at BP Products North America’s Texas City refinery are pervasive in refineries across the nation. The survey polled union leaders at 51 refineries, representing 49% of the U.S. refining capacity ...

Employees who ask for FMLA leave often act as if they are immune from any sort of discipline. But that’s simply not the case. Even if an employee has applied for or is actually on FMLA leave, you can and should punish rule breaking. Just make sure you aren’t treating an employee who takes FMLA leave more harshly than any other employee. Equitable discipline is the rule ...

Difficult employees may be sensitive to perceived discrimination—especially if they also happen to be members of a protected class such as race, sex or national origin. They may think they have to work harder and appear smarter than others. If they lose a plum assignment, that may be enough to spur a discrimination lawsuit. That’s one reason you should carefully document how you handle easily bruised egos ...

2008 Tax Calendar
Starting salaries for administrative positions will inch up slightly in 2008, led by starting salaries for senior executive assistants, human resources assistants and “presentation specialists.”
Government researchers issued a warning last month about the recent spread of MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), an easily acquired staph infection that now causes more deaths per year than AIDS.
Many moons ago, 12-year-old paperboy Morrill Worcester, of Maine, won a trip to Washington, DC. The sight that most impressed him in the nation’s capital was Arlington National Cemetery, with its rows of marble headstones.
Employee volunteer programs don't just help the community in which you live--they also offer real, tangible benefits to the companies that sponsor them.
There is a debate about the idea of anti-bias bonds. Employees buy the bonds upon hire, earn interest on the money during employment, but forfeit the proceeds if they ever sue the company.

Alternative dispute resolution—or ADR—has many proponents and detractors, but one Indiana attorney has devoted his practice exclusively to a biblically based ADR. Bill Blew, based in Fishers, uses a dispute resolution system developed by Montana-based Peacemaker AE Ministries ...

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