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The selection process is over, and the newly promoted employee has begun work. Now is not the time for those involved in the hiring process to pontificate on racial balance in the workplace. That’s especially true if the applicants were all qualified for the position and a member of a majority class was selected over minority candidates ...

You’ve heard a rumor that one of your employees is looking for or has already accepted another job. Then you call him into a meeting to discuss the matter. You ask whether the rumor is true. That’s when the employee admits the job hunt, but hits you with the reason: He claims the work environment is so hostile that he has no choice but to look. What’s your next step? Do you fire him since he’s looking for other work? Or do you tell him you will investigate his claims and then follow up? ...

Q. When one of our employees was fired, he demanded his paycheck on that same day. Are we required to deliver final paychecks to employees the day they quit or are terminated? —D.G. ...

Rent a room near the office for the night. Under a new IRS ruling, you can deduct the cost of the room as an employee business expense. If your company foots the bill, the payment is tax-free to you as a “working-condition” fringe benefit. (IRS Notice 2007-47)
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