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Employers can raise deductibles and co-pays only so much before employees begin to doubt the value of their health benefits. So, organizations are looking for other ways to get meaningful savings as health costs continue to rise. Enter the employee wellness program ...

Q. We have a company policy requiring male employees to keep their hair cut short. One worker says we can’t force him to cut his hair because we don’t tell female workers to do the same. Is this true? ...

It’s a perennial HR challenge: Determining whether an employee is exempt from the overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. We make the job easier with HR Specialist's free checklist, as well as a free white paper detailing how to comply with the law.

Q. Can we require a job applicant to cut his hair as a condition of employment even if he alleges that his religion forbids him from cutting his hair? ...

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act has important implications for how employers treat pregnant women during the hiring process and after, once they become employees. Here are the EEOC's answers to some of the most common questions employers face.

Health care costs are an issue for just about every company. One common employer practice could be contributing to the problem. Many companies only communicate their benefits programs to employees once a year, piling on the information at open enrollment. It is better to have the communication going all year round, according to Matthew Roberts, Vice President of Employee Benefits for Brown & Brown of New Mexico (Albuquerque). "If employees are only looking at their benefits once a year, the employer is starting at square one every year, especially with employees that [rarely] utilize the benefits," he warned. "Most are not going to retain much of the information."

Successful business organizations engage in these core activities, says business consultant Bud Bilanich.
Looking at the Revolutionary army at Valley Forge, Baron von Steuben hardly knew where to begin.
Chances are you don’t have to think hard to remember a miserable customer-service experience.
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