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Q. Do you recommend mediation for resolving employment disputes? —N.B., Minnesota

The Texas Employee Confidence Index recently reached a high for 2006. The index, which measures adult workers' confidence in their personal employment situation, hit 62.7 in July, up from 60.7 in June and 58.4 in May ...

Q. We have a salaried employee who holds down a second job. Sometimes, she leaves early on Fridays and comes in late on Mondays because the second job overlaps with our office hours. Can we deduct anything from her pay after she has used up her vacation and leave time? Or do we have to pay her even though she leaves early and comes in late? —D.J., Virginia

A Lemon Bay High School music teacher was threatened with being fired if he didn’t quit his part in the Venice Little Theatre’s production of The Full Monty because it features nudity ...

The Georgia House and Senate once again are considering bills that would prohibit employers from banning guns from company parking lots ...

Q. Is there a law or reasonable standard regarding how many weeks maternity leave should be? And should we make that a written policy in our employee handbook? Even with FMLA, to which our employees are entitled, we thought maternity leave was either six or eight weeks, depending on type of delivery. —J.F., Pennsylvania

Q. Our company has typically sent formal offer letters to job candidates for certain positions. Could such letters legally bind us, and would we be smarter to avoid them? —S.T., Texas

Q. I'm considering instituting a policy at my company that would permit me to record my employees' phone conversations. Can I record employee phone calls without their consent? —P.C., Michigan

Q. Is it legal to require management employees to give us a longer resignation period than other employees? —M.L., Missouri

Q. I know that the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA) requires that I provide an employee who has been discharged as part of a “group” termination at least 45 days to consider the terms of a release waiving his or her rights under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). How many employees constitute a “group”? —N.W., Pennsylvania