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Under a new policy, OSHA is contacting employers who’ve received Ergonomic Hazard Alert Letters (EHALs) in the past five years to determine whether those employers have fixed their ergonomic deficiencies.
A new Duke University Medical Center study shows obese employees not only add to employers’ health care costs, they also take a heavy toll on your workers’ comp costs and absenteeism rates.
While execs spend an average of 55 minutes interviewing staff-level applicants (and 86 minutes for management candidates), they form an opinion of job-seekers in an average of 10 minutes, according to a Robert Half poll of 150 senior execs at large companies.
Immigration raids at U.S. workplaces have jumped by more than 50 percent in the past six months, according to new Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) stats.
Be aware that insurance companies have been known to refuse to defend a case if the policyholder doesn’t promptly report an accident or injury. And courts often agree the carrier had no liability. Best bet: Call your workers’ comp insurer right after an injury or accident. Let the carrier sort out whether it’s a covered claim.
Be forewarned: “Bucket” is the new in buzzword, and “basket” and “silo” are out.
If your company dishes out discretionary bonuses during the year, it may be paying out more overtime than necessary.

Overworked and underappreciated: That's a recipe for brisk employee turnover. By teaching supervisors how to support employees during periodic peak times, you'll improve retention. Have managers use these four simple steps to reach out to stressed-out workers ...

More than half (52 percent) of 1,000 college students surveyed said they believe it's OK, even in the workplace, to download or swap illegal software or files, according to a Business Software Alliance report ...

f you think sexual harassment involves only those headline-grabbing actions like groping behind closed doors or demands for sex, you're wrong. The law also says that if your organization tolerates employees who single out co-workers of one gender for abusive (nonsexual) treatment, you could be liable for a sexual harassment lawsuit based on a hostile environment ...