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Q. We have two employees who started a relationship. One is married. The wife of the married employee came to our facility and demanded to speak with the other woman. We didn't permit them to speak on the premises. Do we have any potential for liability in a situation like this, especially if it escalates? Can we do anything to discourage employee romances or is this strictly off-limits? —C.R., California

Q. We recently terminated an employee. He claims that he is legally entitled to a letter outlining the reasons for his discharge. Is he correct? —E.T., Maryland

Q. A group of our employees met during their break to have group prayer. A supervisor complained to our president, who instructed that we should notify employees that they can't pray on break time. Nor can they pray during lunch unless they leave the building. Some employees are upset. Is this policy legal? —M.S., California

Q. I work for a nonprofit social service organization. Do such organizations have to comply with SOX rules? —J.M., New Jersey

You've got (legally explosive) e-mail. That's the message a Broward Circuit Court jury recently delivered to United Parcel Service in a court decision that hinged on a single e-mail sent by a company official ...

When West Virginia ranked third in the nation in obese and overweight residents, it turned some heads in California. Reason: While Unicare, a division of Wellpoint, is located in California, it provides Medicaid coverage to 75,000 people in West Virginia ...

Watch out! If you are involved—even in a small way—in any activity that leads to a discrimination claim, you may be personally liable ...

Q. Our policy is to run FMLA and short-term disability (STD) concurrently. FMLA is for 12 weeks of job-protected leave. STD is for 26 weeks, with proper medical documentation. At what point can we terminate an employee, at the end of 12 weeks, when FMLA leave is exhausted? And, if so, do we end short-term disability payments, since the employee has been terminated? —E.A., Georgia

Q. How serious is it if written job descriptions aren't in place for employees? Is it safe to draft them even after a termination that could result in a lawsuit? —B.B., New York

Q. During a recent Internet chat room exchange, an individual self-identified as an employee came to our company's defense over a recent drop in stock price. The employee came dangerously close to disclosing information about earnings that were not yet public. What should we do? —C.F., New Jersey