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Q. We hired a new branch manager in a one-person office in another town. Because she earns $19,240 a year, she doesn't meet the new annual threshold of $23,660 for exempt status, correct? Several times a year, she escorts trips involving overnight stays. While she's out, she forwards her calls to the host office and closes her doors. How do we compensate her? Am I right that she has to be considered "hourly"? And how do we compensate for the overnight and travel time? —K.H., Kansas

Q. Our company pays overtime to salaried supervisors for hours they work over 40 in a week. I have never heard of this compensation practice. Is it legal? —C.H., Colorado

Q. We verbally warned an employee not to work overtime. Recently, he claimed to have worked 56 hours straight, eating and sleeping only on regular break times. The timecards say he was here, but we don't have any night staff, so we can't verify if he was actually at work. Is there anything we can do? —S.T., Michigan

Q. Over the last six months, we have made several attempts to mail a former employee her last paycheck by certified mail. We believe that we have the correct address because we mailed her other items by regular mail during this period and none have been returned. What legal obligations do we have, if any, to get this check to her? —R.Y., Washington, D.C.

Geno's, one of the two self-proclaimed creators of the Philly Cheesesteak, has been charged with discrimination by the Philadelphia Commission on Human Rights. The charge stems from a sign in the restaurant stating "This is America … When Ordering Speak English" ...

Sun Microsystems’ iWork program is more than telecommuting: it’s flexible working, says Lynn Williamson, openwork marketing manager for the Menlo Park, Calif.-based systems manufacturer ...

If you typically hire foreign employees through the federal government’s H-1B visa program, be aware of an upcoming date: April 1 ...

Q. Our FMLA policy says that if employees take leaves of absence under FMLA for more than seven days, their annual review date is moved back for the amount of time they were out. Is this policy lawful? —S.H., Maryland

Q. As a large retail business, we employ several “demo staffers” who present products to shoppers in the hope they'll buy them. Recently, given economic pressures, we've had to put increasing pressure on our demo staff to increase sales up to 200 percent. If a demo staffer doesn't meet the new goal, can we terminate her? Do these workers have legal recourse should they be fired? —T.P., California

Q. We suspected an employee was using drugs, so we sent him to be tested. We told him he couldn't work until the test came back in two days. The results were negative. What financial responsibility do we have? Do we owe him lost wages for those two days? —L.B., North Carolina