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Next time you rue one of the coulda-shoulda-woulda missteps every business person inevitably makes, know that your fumble can’t possibly be worse than these three, recently rated the biggest business goofs of all time by

On the desk of every Benefitfocus employee is a cowbell, which the associate may ring to announce that he or she has closed a big deal—or gotten engaged or is expecting a baby. In fact, employees of the Charles­­ton, S.C.-based benefits software company spend a lot of time celebrating personal and professional milestones.

Employers have long believed that they could restrict access to information about wages and benefits so employees couldn’t discuss pay rates, raises and so on. If that’s the case at your workplace, check with your attorney. The prohibition may run afoul of the NLRA, which covers the right to unionize.
A high-profile sexual harassment case that went all the way to the Min­­ne­­sota Supreme Court will now proceed to the penalty phase with no opposition from the defendant.
The Affordable Care Act has likely survived its last wholesale legal challenge now that the U.S. Supreme Court on Dec. 2 declined to hear an appeal by Liberty University contending that the law’s employer mandate is unconstitutional.
Employees terminated ­during RIFs sometimes believe they were hand-selected for layoff because of discrimination or retaliation for prior complaints. Smart employers consider that possibility and carefully document the RIF process to show when the possibility of layoffs was first considered and how employees were picked for termination.
Consider this when deciding whether to offer a simple and cheap accommodation to an employee who claims he’s disabled: Offering help doesn’t mean you accept that he’s disabled. You can still challenge his status under the ADA if he sues.
A new proposed OSHA rule would require employers with 250 or more workers to submit their injury reports electronically for the first time. Plus, these reports would be posted online and made public.
Workers have reason for holiday cheer this season as employers continue to give back to employees with year-end perks. Here’s how employers are recognizing employees this holiday season:
Here’s a simple message you can pass on to bosses dealing with pregnant employees: Tell them the only appropriate response is to offer the mother-to-be a congratulations when she announces her pregnancy.
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