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Expect a more employer-friendly National Labor Relations Board once President-elect Trump takes office.
The EEOC has been filing lawsuits contending that employers violate Title VII’s sex discrimination provisions if they discriminate against an applicant or employee because of sexual orientation.
The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to an Obama administration request to fast-track an appeal of a federal judge’s injunction preventing new overtime rules from taking effect.
An international retailer with a significant presence in the United States has broken new ground for providing paid leave to workers who need to take time off.
Make sure your boss and your boss’s boss know exactly how valuable HR’s contributions were this year.
What are our notice requirements? ... What must WARN notices say? ... What if we don’t give notice?
A worker reporting that a supervisor used a racially charged slur is protected from retaliation.
More than half of HR pros focus their benefits strategy on controlling health care costs and making sure employees appreciate the total value of their perks.
Viewing someone as “weird” or unusual isn’t discriminatory if, in context, the label could apply to either sex.
Q. Many of our employees bring their hunting rifles and shotguns to work, especially on Fridays during hunting season. We generally prohibit guns or other weapons in the workplace. Can we stop employees from bringing their guns to work?
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